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Spot herb 30ML


An all-natural antibacterial spot treatment gel used to treat acne breakouts.
– Powered by the strong antibacterial action of herbals; tea tree, thyme & rosemary oils, to kill bacteria-causing acne.
– Soothing & anti-inflammatory action is done by aloe vera extract.
– It removes acne without leaving scars if treated right with our directions of use.

Cleanse your face very well with your favourite cleanser. (Avoid harsh scrubbing over the current Acne areas).
Add one small drop over the tip of pimple.
Leave for 6-8 hours & cleanse very well afterwards.

Don’t remove the dried layer before 6 hours, try to stabilize it as much as you can.
Don’t use Spot herb over a pimple more than 2-3 times.
Don’t use a large portion from spot herb on a pimple.
Don’t over-treat the pimple with spot herb. When it gets smaller, stop using it and start to cleanse well with your cleanser.
Don’t moisturize over an active pimple using any moisturizer.
Best Time To Use: Before Bedtime (anytime where the layer can stand for minimum of 8 hrs)

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Spot herb 30ML
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