• (A smoky eye)

    (A smoky eye)
    A smoky eye always makes our list of Valentine’s Day looks for sheer bombshell factor, ash-brown eyeshadow across your lids, winging it up and out at the outer corner of your eye. Then, use a gel or soft pencil eyeliner in black to line your upper and lower lash lines, also winging out at the outer corners of your eyes, take a small damp brush to...
  • (Glossy Lips and A Nude Glow)

    (Glossy Lips and A Nude Glow)
    (Glossy Lips and A Nude Glow) Classic nude lips never go out of style gloss them up and pair them with minimalist makeup and you’ve got the perfect “romantic glow,” for a last-minute night out or in. Just take your go-to nude lipstick, ultra-shiny nude gloss. Blend a soft rosy-brown blush onto your cheeks, and add a hint of highlighter to your chin, nose, inner eye...
  • (80s baby look)

    (80s baby look)
    The key to creating the ‘80s Baby look, Go for bold, bright red lipstick and pair it with an unexpected pink and purple smoky eye. Top your eyeshadow with a wash of shimmer and dust your cheeks with a pink-hued blush to pull it all together. Big hair is not necessary, but we highly recommend it for sheer fun factor.
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