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Leave-in Conditioner 250 ml


Superkids Leave-in conditioner and curl activator is your best choice for healthy, Shiny and defined curls

Superkids Leave-in conditioner is an ultimate frizz fighter and moisturizer for every curl
It coats the natural curls with extra layer of moisture protection between the curls
It encourages healthy looking hair making curls softer & shinier
Curl Activator, helps you style & curl your hair the way you want
Made without: Sulfate, Silicones, Gluten, Paraben, Mineral oils or Vaseline
How To Use:

Apply an adequate amount in the palm of your hands & rub your hands together. Gently run your hands throughout your hair, spreading the conditioner, and leave the product in your hair
Can be used on dry or wet hair
For all curly types
From 1 year


Glycerin helps in drawing & locking the moisture in, It forms a protective layer around the hair to fight moisture loss
Pro vit b5 builds a very thin layer of moisture along the surface of the hair to add shine, softness and pliability without added oils or greasiness
Jojoba oil, carrot oil, Coconut have amazing moisturizing attributes, it reduces frizz, protects from breakage and defines curls
Avocado oil is high in fat, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are essential for strong, healthy hair. Fatty acids can help repair dry or damaged hair
Moringa oil strengthens curly hair. Keratin protein is the primary component of hair, comprising 95% of each strand, add shine and softness
Olive oil improves elasticity and decrease snagging, tangling and friction
Beeswax one of the biggest benefits is moisture, smooth flyaway strands, keep styles intact
Aloe vera acts as a natural serum and nourishes the hair. It is also used as a styling gel, especially for dry and frizzy hair
Vitamin Ehas natural antioxidant effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth
Honey Adds Luster and Shine to Dry or Curly Hair.

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Leave-in Conditioner 250 ml
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