Must-Haves for a Clean Girl Style!

If you’re ready to explore the clean girl aesthetic, here are items you must have as a clean beauty, whether you’re a millennial or Gen Z. Think of this list as a ready-made shopping list to begin your clean-girl style journey.

Skin Care

Cleanser: This removes dirt and excessive oil from your skin, keeping it clean. This way, you avoid breakouts that may jeopardize the flawless skin look you’re gunning for.

Moisturizer: Using a moisturizer hydrates your skin. This keeps your skin looking supple and radiant.

Sunscreen: exposure to harmful UV rays affects your skin health and may cause you to develop uneven skin or dark patches. By using sunscreen, you’ll protect your skin and stay youthful.

Lip balm: remember, the clean girl look features plump, well-moisturized lips. Lip balm is a must-have to keep your lips moisturized.


Body Care

Soap or body wash: This is a necessary product for your daily hygiene care. Consider getting a scented soap to enjoy an after-bath fragrance.

Moisturizer: Use a body moisturizer or moisturizing cream to keep your skin hydrated.

Body scrub: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull and dark. A body scrub is needed for exfoliation.

Deodorant: Look clean, feel clean. Get deodorant to stay fresh through the day.

Perfume: Get a preferred fragrance to smell clean throughout your day.

Hand cream: Having a soft, supple palm complements the clean girl look and gives you a soft girl outlook. Hand cream helps keep your hands supple.



Concealer: Concealer helps to conceal or hide imperfections on your skin. What makes it right for the clean girl look is that it hides your skin flaws while retaining a natural feel.

Lightweight foundation: The Clean Girl foundation offers light coverage and smooths out the skin without causing any masking effect or caking. Note that your foundation is a key element in the “no makeup” makeup look.

Lip Gloss: A clear lip gloss gives your lips a subtle shine that looks pretty and effortless.

Mascara: Nothing over the top; just defining your lashes with mascara elevates your face without looking flamboyant. It almost looks like you have naturally full eyelashes.


Hair Care 

Styling combs: As a clean girl, you’ll need different types and sizes of combs, depending on your hair texture, for styling.

Shampoo: Cleanliness is an integral component of the clean girl style. Shampoo is needed for clean and healthy hair.

Conditioner: You’ll need a conditioner after washing your hair.

Hair styling products: This may include styling gels and edge control to tame flyways. You could also get a simple tool like a hair straightener for straightened, sleek, clean girl hair.

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